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Mortar Master VSE500


Sand & Screeding Pump VSE500

Sand and screeding pump VSE500 is the ideal machine for the production and transport of the wet concrete mixtures. Its usage can be everywhere where it is necessary to transport concrete mixture for long distances.



Ideal choice for the mixing and conveying of materials, even dry types which cannot be pumped by discharged pumps. The VSE500 has proven itself to be the most time and cost saving machinery that replaces crane transport and reduce manpower in the handling of:

  • Floor Screed
  • Chipping concrete
  • Sand (wet/dry)

Air Inlet:

The flow of compressed air pushes the mixed materials
through the tubing to the point of release.


Conveying line:

20meters per piece, conveying line can be customised based on the requirements.

Made of high quality durable rubber and can be connected to reach required destination.

Working Function:

Operators input required materials into the VSE500. Single shaft mixer powered by electricity located inside the tank for mixing of materials. The mixed materials can be delivered pneumatically through the conveying line to its intended destination-vertical or horizontal.

*Figures stated dependent on the nature of the work

Replace conventional sand transporting equipment such as wheelbarrow, crane or buckets over long or high distances. Transport materials into small constricted areas inaccessible by humans or machinery.



**Technical Specification Subject to changes without prior notice.

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